Role of gait speed and grip strength in predicting 10-year cognitive decline among community-dwelling older people

BMC Geriatrics Jul 13, 2019

Chou MY, et al. – In a sample of community-dwelling older adults (n=1,096; aged 60 years and over; 50.9% were male), researchers assessed the differential links of gait speed and handgrip strength with 10-year cognitive shifts. They used linear mixed effects models to determine these links by adjusting for covariates, such as age, gender, education, depressive symptoms, marital status, smoking status, instrumental activities of daily life, Charlson Comorbidity Index, and body mass index at baseline. Using Digit Symbol Substitution Test (DSST), 10-year cognitive decline could be predicted by slow gait speed. Using Mini-Mental State Examination in addition to DSST, 10-year cognitive decline could be predicted by a low handgrip strength. Therefore, both physical measures are linked to cognitive decline, but the mechanisms between brain and physical functions may differ.

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