Robot assisted training for the upper limb after stroke (RATULS): A multicentre randomised controlled trial

The Lancet Jul 11, 2019

Rodgers H, et al. - In a pragmatic, multicenter, randomized controlled trial conducted at four UK centers, researchers compared robot-assisted training using the MIT-Manus robotic gym vs an enhanced upper limb therapy (EULT) program based on repetitive functional task practice vs usual care in terms of clinical effectiveness for improving arm function and activities of daily living following stroke. Participants were stroke patients at least 18 years old with moderate or severe upper limb functional limitation. In a random manner (1:1:1), 257 patients received robot-assisted training, 259 received EULT, and 254 received usual care between 1 week and 5 years following their initial stroke. No improvement in upper limb function following stroke was evident in relation to receiving robot-assisted training and EULT vs usual care. Based on these findings, the use of robot-assisted training, as implemented in this trial, in routine clinical practice is not supported.

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