The changing epidemiology of community-acquired pneumonia: Nationwide register-based study in Sweden

Journal of Internal Medicine Jul 10, 2019

Naucler P, et al. - Through a nation-wide cohort study using Swedish health registers, the researchers intended to estimate the incidence of hospitalization with all-cause (AC- community-acquired pneumonia {CAP}) and pneumococcal or lobar (PL-CAP) CAP between 2005-2015 and to determine the influence of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine childhood immunization programs (PCV-CIP) on CAP in people with underlying diseases. A total of 303,691 episodes of AC-CAP happened, of which 14,225 were PL-CAP. The relative incidence decreases were observed as 36%, 20%, and 16% of AC-CAP for age groups <2, 2-4, and 5-17 years respectively, with alike declines in young kids with and without co-morbidities, when before and after were contrasted. For PL-CAP, the declines were more prominent. The relative progress of 11%, 18%, 15%, and 30% of AC-CAP was found in the age groups 40-64, 65-74, 75-84, and >85 years, respectively, however, these elevations were attenuated post-adjustment for admittance practices. In comparison to adults without recorded underlying diseases where the incidence was steady or decreased for some age groups, a rise in the incidence of AC-CAP, and PL-CAP was discovered in adults with co-morbidities. There was an extended proportion of pneumonia subjects with underlying diseases of all ages, over the study. Hence, towards people with underlying diseases, straight preventive interventions should be targeted. Moreover, in adults with co-morbidities, more studies should examine causes for the observed increased risk.
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