M3 India launches MDclip- An application to innovate reading for Doctors!

M3 India Newsdesk Jun 13, 2018

M3 India is excited to announce the launch of MDclip, an innovative Mobile application aimed at transforming reading and knowledge updating for Indian Doctors.








MDclip app is now available for download on both Android and Apple devices.

M3 India existing users can simply download and start using the application without creating a new account, using their registered phone number and verifying the OTP on their mobile. Some users may need to provide additional details and complete their verification, before they can access the app.

Why a new application?

Medical information is growing at an exponential pace, but so is the work for Doctors. Today, apart from patient care, Doctors must do research work, work on case reports, and perform administrative tasks, leaving them with very little time to read and update their knowledge. Moreover, with so much information being published every day and in their limited time, Doctors are faced with some key challenges.

MDclip is a solution to address these under a single application!

Challenge How MDclip solves the problem?
I have very little time. What should I read? Only Expert users can share [Clip] an article/news on the App. Users can personalize their news feed by following Experts and/or subjects of interest and find what is trending and most relevant
I want to know more than just the news and facts. How can I draw real insights that I can apply in my practice? Along with the article, users will read Experts’ opinions and approved opinions from other users. This will offer diverse perspectives and experience that goes beyond the news itself.
I have no time to follow several sources. Where can I find information on different topics, including non-clinical topics? On MDclip users can follow Experts drawn from diverse areas such as Medical law/Ethics, Healthcare Technology, Healthcare Business/Administration etc., so you do not have to track several websites

Who are the users of this Application?

The application is exclusive to Indian Doctors, serving as a one-stop platform for following trending topics in medicine, staying up to date on topics medical experts are reading, and gathering insight and better perspective through opinions provided by experts on various articles.

There will be 2 types of users on the application, based on the activities that they can perform on the Application.

  • Expert Users: Senior Doctors and Experts in fields such as Medical law/Ethics, Healthcare Business and Technology who are highly accomplished in their respective areas will have the unique advantage of ‘Clipping’ any article that they come across during their day-to-day reading, ‘adding their unique opinion’ to it, and publishing it for Peer Doctors to read.
  • Peer Doctors: All the other Users of the application who are looking to stay updated, improve and expand their practice, and follow Experts to gain useful perspective, inspiration, and insight from their experiences.

Key features/activities for users on the application

  • CLIP’ an article. It could be any article that you find interesting. You would be able to easily locate them in your 'Saved Clips' section later. Only Experts can CLIP a new article that is not on MDclip platform.
  • Add ‘OPINION’ to an article. Add your perspective to an article and share with peers to read.
  • APPLAUD’ an opinion shared by an expert or a peer Doctor. This works as an up-vote to an opinion, so the most valuable opinions show up at the top


At the time of launch, we have invited a limited number of Experts to join the Application. However, this is just the initial set of Experts, and we plan to keep adding more as we grow the platform. Peer Doctors whose opinions are most useful and applauded by other users on the Application, will also be upgraded to Experts.

With MDclip, our objective is to create an application that is used most widely among Indian Doctors, and one they can freely use without the noise and clutter of spams and irrelevant content!

We have tried to keep the design and interface extremely easy to navigate so it takes no time out of a Doctor’s busy schedule!

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MDclip is powered by M3 India from the promoters of Dabur India and M3, Inc. Japan. The application is available for download now on both Android and iOS devices.


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